Meet Marianne

My name is Marianne Vreugdenhil (pronounced Fro-den-hill), and I’m the founder of Lighthouse Counselling & EFT based in Adelaide, South Australia. For as long as I can remember, I’ve held a desire to help people whose lives have got off track due to stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

I have a Bachelor of Social Work from Flinders University and am an accredited certified EFT practitioner through EFT International. My interest in counselling has led me to work in hospitals both here and in the UK, in the mental health sector, and as a community development worker. I have also run mindfulness and worry coping workshops in schools in conjunction with my work as a writer.

My Approach

There are lots of reasons why people feel unworthy, stuck, anxious and in pain; reasons that can be overwhelming and even unbearable at times. Here at Lighthouse Counselling & EFT, I offer an encouraging, non-judgemental space where you will be supported to explore the underlying causes of these issues so we can bring healing to these aspects.

I believe that each of us has a wealth of inner resources to help us cope with life, but we’re often unaware of these resources until we go looking. I see my role as that of companion and guide, walking alongside you to help you get in touch with those resources.

Drawing on my background in counselling, social work and as an EFT practitioner, I will help you to identify and change negative thought patterns, let go of challenging emotions, heal past hurts, and effectively navigate life’s transitions. I am also a TCR Enneagram Practitioner (a personality typing system that helps you identify your gifts and challenges) and can offer sessions in this too if interested. The overall aim is to help you deepen your understanding of yourself so you can feel more peaceful, confident, capable and joyful. I look forward to working with you.

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My story

I’ve always been interested in helping people. It’s what led me to become a social worker and social policy writer. However, some years ago, a severe bout of Glandular Fever followed by suspected tick Typhus left me with debilitating post-viral fatigue. I suddenly found myself almost completely bed-bound for a time, no longer a worker but a client. Despite these trials, something good came from it – it propelled me to look deeper. As time progressed, I came to understand myself better and discover inner resources I didn’t know I had.

I began to improve in large part due to the mind-body work I was doing with EFT, in conjunction with other lifestyle changes. By learning how to calm my nervous system, my body was able to switch off its fight/flight response and begin to heal.

Because of this experience, I am committed to helping others who are struggling emotionally or physically. I know from personal experience that you can to retrain your body’s learned response to stress, and I’d like to help you clear anxiety, navigate life and experience peace. There is hope and there is help.


Equipping people with tools to clear anxiety and experience self-acceptance and peace in order to lead meaningful, wholehearted lives.


Freeing people from the burden of anxiety so they can use their unique gifts to make the world a better, kinder, more connected place.


  • Care and compassion
  • Non-judgementalism
  • Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Trustworthiness
  • Confidentiality
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